VetGold™ EquiMud

EquiMud is a unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts with Dead Sea Mud for muscle and joint relaxation.  Tribes, primarily Bedouins in the Middle East thousands of years ago knew a secret.

They used Dead Sea Mud and Yellowcake Flower for the treatment of horses.  VetGold EquiMud is a unique product of fermented minerals from the Dead Sea and is specifically devised for use on animals.  It does not contain hormonal supplements or antibiotics, only organic active ingredients.

EquiMud is a unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts with Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Steroid Free, Antibiotic Free and with Natural Active ingredients. EquiMud is a strong and powerful mud dressing for horses to treat those aching joints, muscles and tendons and any inflammation that develops from vigorous riding and exercising.

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A unique blend of mud, natural oils and plant extracts enriched with minerals form the Dead Sea that soothe, revitalize, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin as well as promoting muscle relaxation. Provides the skin with all the necessary components it needs to naturally regenerate itself and acts as a preventative protection against the development of sores and blisters.

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Case Studies

MADDY a 20 year old Clydesdale mare, dressage, hacking, owned by M.Thomas  She suffers from Sweet Itch to her pasterns and part of her fetlocks. We applied the VetGold cream for 9 days and the irritation ceased. The owner was very happy because she had tried many other products previously that had failed to relieve Maddy’s stamping and therefore the itching. (My opinion is that Maddy’s condition is not classic Sweet Itch but a type of fungal infection – either way the Vet Gold solved the problem).

DOM 5 year old Cob gelding, hunting and general riding, owned by S.Kempster Dom bites  his lower forelegs to ease the itching caused by mites. We coated the area with EquiMud for 3 nights and washed it off in the morning. No wraps were applied. After ceasing treatment with the mud, we applied Vet Gold cream for 7 days. Itching / biting ceased and has not resumed.

LIV a 16 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Grand Prix dressage, owned by B.Tilton.  Liv suffers from filled and sensitive legs after work. We applied the EquiMud using the routine application method with bandages etc overnight. The legs were cool and unfilled in the morning. The owner was very pleased with the results and also impressed at the ease of removal compared to Ice Tight.

INDI 21 year old Connemara x Welsh x TB mare, showing, hacking, owned by J.Hayes. Indi suffers from severe Sweet Itch to her mane and wither area. Her owner has tried many products, but nothing has solved the problem. We applied Vet Gold cream morning and evening for 10 days. The itching ceased after 2 days and she no longer rubbed the area. By day 10 there had been a tremendous amount of hair re-growth over the affected area. The owner was very impressed.  We used 3 tubes over 10 days.

GUCCI 9 year old Irish Draught gelding, top level showing, owned by E.Morrell Gucci has  an undefined skin condition that flares up periodically regardless of the season. Several vets have been unable to diagnose the problem which creates ugly areas of skin. It self-heals, usually within 2 weeks which is a disaster for a top-level show horse who is judged in competition on his turnout and coat quality. We applied EquiMud to the affected area in the evening, we did not apply a dressing. We washed it off in the morning and applied VetGold cream after towel drying the area. We repeated the routine the following day. Within 48 hours the affected area was healed completely. (I recommended the owner continue the routine for a further 10 days. Since my return there have been no further problems).

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