VETGOLD Ear Cleansers

In every market there is a demand for all 3 types of cleansers but it seems that manufacturers choose to produce only one type, but when reading the comments of dog and cat owners it is very clear that the pets react differently to the various types.  Some have better results with the plant extract base and
some with the alcohol base and others with the oil based.  The common denominator for all of them is that they try to stay clear of the steroid, medicinal based products unless nothing else works.

First let us state that most dogs (sizes and age variations)Ear Cleansers Email
achieve excellent results with the BASIC ear ceanser. The standard BASIC ear cleanser is appropriate for all skin types. But, in some cases, when we better define the ear’s condition, we can achieve a better and longer lasting result and we all know that healthy ears means a healthy pet. Most Basic ear cleansers have the active ingredients of alcohol and acids. This is a fast cleanser and it is cheaper than the others,
in most products there is no regards to the skin and the alcohol actually dries it/ stings it.

In our version we are using propylene glycol and glycerin to soften the alcohol effect and the product has Aloe Vera and Dead Sea minerals in it, that actually moisturize and nourishes the skin.

When the ears have a tendency to develop lesions due to itching and / or inflammation, the HERBAL ear cleanser should be used. This ear cleanser type is based on plant extracts and we specialize in these. We do the extracts ourselves and in 90%
of the cases our extracts are much more concentrated than the competition thus yielding better results. The formula cleanses, fights inflammation, moisturizes and nourishes the

When ears are prone to dryness, peeling and dandruff – the OIL BASED ear cleanser is the most appropriate. Our version has garlic oil extract in it. It is a unique extract that we produce ourselves and it acts like a natural antibiotic ingredient and our high concentration calendula oil (which we
also produce ourselves) is the best for fighting inflammation.

Although dogs with ear inflammation or scratched and bruised skin, would fare better by using the HERBAL ear cleanser, in cases were dryness is accompanied with inflammation and/ or lesions, then, the OIL BASED ear cleanser is the appropriate choice.